Network Installation

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When threats are growing hostile and budgets are tight Ethio-Tech solutions Business PLC is there by your side to get your problem solved.

Today, meeting IT demands and fighting new threats are not so easy unless you get a reliable network and security service provider for your company.

We understand that how important is Networking Security and Service for your company. Our experienced professionals take due care of your company’s critical infrastructure.

Wireless LAN Distribution Network: In a wireless LAN, the switch or hub connects access points together. This creates a wired backbone enabling wireless LAN roaming protocols to work. Most access points accommodate connection to a switch or hub via an RJ-45 connector and twisted pair (Category 5) wiring. The Cat5 cable can be up to 100 meters (roughly 300 feet) long. As a result, you need to plan the installation of hubs or switches to avoid exceeding this distance. If distances exceed the 100 meters, you can interconnect switches via optical fiber and place switches close enough to access points in various parts of the facility.

UTP Structure Cabling / Fiber Optic Cabling

The installation of fiber optic cable is the main backbone link between equipment rooms and telecommunications closets, of all major fiber optic network solutions, campus network solutions, and where there is a need for large network data transfer within data storage centers. It is also is the main back bone link for Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN), Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) or if there is a cable length issue with using copper cable solutions like Cat5 or Cat6 cabling systems (maximum 90m copper cable installation).


Telecommunications and Networking Services (TNS) is responsible for the design, infrastructure, maintenance, and support of the network, telephone services, software, and hardware. We have Data Networking Services, Classroom Technology & Video Services, Help Desk, and Technology Support Services (TSS). Value-oriented, basic VoIP call experience for hospitality environments Ideal for lobbies, guest rooms, elevator bays, and conference centers supports both desk and wall-mounted deployments Include your brand with co-branding plate and paper insert Earth-friendly; IEEE Class 1 rated for low power consumption


IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) enable organizations to distribute broadcast quality digital TV and video over building or campus IP networks (LANs) to a virtually unlimited number of users, with centralized management, configuration, and control. Based on industry standards, SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna Television System), a community distribution system for signals received from multiple satellites.

AMC Contract

We Provide Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) service to customers to help keep their products in proper working condition. AMC signed between the company and the customer to allow regular checkups and routine work to keep the performance and quality of the products in good condition. These services are provided for technical support as well as renewal of the software and various other anti-viruses. Technical Services has been formulated recently to become a powerful arm to provide practical Support as well as Solutions for Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance activities as well as customer training needs.

Data Center Setup

Data center technology is critical to overall organization. Not only it houses critical network systems which are vital to the daily operations of modern organizations, it is also one of biggest investments for the organization. To maintain your data center servers and storage devices, networking & solutions offers different levels of maintenance and support that best align to the customer business needs.

Network Management

Proper Network maintenance is both preventive and corrective. When technical failures occur, the consequences are typically not only expensive, but have enormous time delays in operation productivity for the business. Network maintenance. Networking & Solutions streamlines your systems and speed up your business performance. The service provided has the appropriate resources. We provides a fully integrated and automated solution which optimizes fault management and ensures availability, unifies fault and performance management, automates change and configuration management to ensure compliance, and automates IT processes.

CCTV Surveillance System

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a system where the circuit in which the video is transmitted is closed and all the elements (camera, display monitors, recording devices) are directly connected. This is unlike broadcast television where any receiver that is correctly tuned can pick up and display or store the signal. Thanks to reduced costs in the manufacture of cameras and video recording equipment, camera systems are becoming more and more common place in smaller businesses, and even private homes.

MATV / CATV – Satellite Distribution Network

Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV) is a cost effective type of TV distribution system which would suit communal properties such as hotels, bars, office blocks, hospitals or prisons – anywhere that you would want to control the TV channel line up over multiple TVs. Digital SMATV is designed to capture and decrypt (as necessary) a chosen selection of channels which are then combined onto a coaxial cable distribution system for viewing on a standard Free view Digital TV receiver at the outlets of the system.